Pathar (paw-thar') is a ancient Hebrew and Aramaic verb meaning to "interpret" - specifically to interpret a dream. In the ancient story of Joseph, the son of Jacob was sold by his brothers into Egyptian slavery because of a dream. Despite this hardship however, Joseph used "pathar" to continue accurately interpreting dreams and discerning creative strategies, which ultimately enabled him to experience the fulfillment of his original vision and life calling.

At Pathar, we believe that every great company, life, or accomplishment begins with a dream. However, simply dreaming is not adequate. Vision and strategy combined with creativity, hard work and dedication is required to turn dreams into reality, which is where we can help.

Pathar Consulting is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with additional media production operations through subsidiary production entities Pathar Productions LLC and Pathar Productions PTY Ltd., located in Cape Town, South Africa. Pathar operates in Nigeria through partnership with Bluestreak (Solutions) Nigeria Limited, which includes Bluestreak Productions.

Pathar partnerships also include key strategic relationships with an international network of leading players in the areas of:

          • International Finance;
          • Corporate and Tax Structuring;
          • International Trade;
          • Media; and
          • Film production, distribution and insurance.

Pathar Leadership Team

Patrick Simmons’ serves as the strategic leader and creative visionary of Pathar.  His 20-year career spans four continents, working in corporate, entrepreneurial, diplomatic, military, and non-profit environments.  Patrick has over 15 years’ experience in management and corporate governance within several industries on strategic initiatives costing up to $300M. Since 2004, he has specialized in the financial, corporate communication and media and entertainment industries, working and consulting in diverse areas from structured finance and fund governance to film and television production and marketing.  While focusing on executive production, Patrick has experience in all aspects of media production, both on-camera and off, from acting to line producing, directing and editing. His experience also includes planning and program-managing acquisition and implementation of a $1M high-definition television studio. 

George Moragemos serves as the chief marketing officer for Pathar, and has been a top executive producer, line producer and director in the international film and television industry for over 30 years.   George is known for having created some of the top television commercials in both Europe and Africa for such diverse clients as Citroën, Diageo, Nescafe, Jeep, The Edrington Group, and the Dodge automotive group.  In 1996 George moved to Cape Town, which had become the film capital of South Africa, in order to further pursue his passion for both television commercial and feature film production.  Since then, he has worked as an executive producer for some of South Africa's largest and best-known film companies, including Moonlighting Film Production Services and Boomtown Films, and is considered to be a serious player within South Africa's local and international film industry. 

Dr. Samuel Sarpiya serves as the chief development officer for Pathar.  Samuel has over 20-years experience as a businessman, educator, social worker, community developer, and Christian leader on several continents, and his entrepreneurial endeavors have ranged from real estate investment to information technology to film and television production.  He has additionally served in senior leader positions within large intergovernmental, non-governmental, and charitable organizations, including serving as a delegate to the United Nations 46th General Assembly.  Samuel has launched several successful training centers, community centers, and non-profits within both Africa and the United States.  These centers have provided at-risk youth with an alternative to violence and crime through training in computer literacy and creative software applications, coding and app development, graphic and web design, music recording and production, and video production, camera operation, and video and special-effects editing.


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